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James Springer's log records the crew's travel after training at Pueblo:

11/3/44 Departed Pueblo Col. for Topeka Ka. (train)
11/6/44 Departed Topeka for Camp Patrick Henry (train)
11/12/44 Departed Camp Patrick Henry by train for port and boat.
11/13/44 Departed U.S.A. aboard U.S.S. General William H. Gordon.
11/26/44 Arrived Naples, Italy.
11/27/44 Departed Naples aboard Arondo Castle (British) headed for Taranto. 11/28/44 Departed for Bari.
12/2/44 Departed Bari for Toretta Field (near Cerignola), 461st Bomb Group, 756th             Bomb Squadron. (Rain, cold, mud)

765th BS insignia
   "We docked in Naples, Italy, with Mt. Vesuvius in the background and transferred to a rickety British tramp steamer which ultimately delivered mail to North Africa. Dropping anchor off Taranta, on the instep of Italy's boot, I was sick as a dog. The British had fed us a meal of potato, dried peas and mystery meat. The Italians sent out a 25' launch which was virtually loaded to the gunwales with us and our baggage. "
   (We) walked to the railroad station with baggage in hand. We reluctantly marched to the box cattle car for the trip to Bari. I could not find space to lie down in the railroad car and had to sit up against my bags for the overnight trip. We wound our way up hills and straight grades, faster down hill, and many times in reverse because of inadequate brakes. This trip...would have been eye bulging and hair raising during daylight" - Charlie Laynor
Toretta Field, Italy
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461st BG insignia
   "We arrived at the 765th Bomb Squadron, 461st Bomb Group, 15th U. S. Army Air Force in Italy after dark on Christmas Eve, December 24, 1944. Since it was late in the day, they allowed us to sleep on the floor of the orderly room that night. The next morning the Sergeant pointed to a bank of snow and said: 'That's where the tents are piled. You can dig one out and pitch it over there where you see the other tents.' It sounds simple, but you can not believe the confusion that existed with six men trying to pitch a center pole five-man frozen tent. We finally got it up after dark, unfolded our canvas cots and slept in our sleeping bags. This was home for the next 5 months."      - Tom Moran
    After the crew got their tent set up in the snow and spent a night or two, Tom decided the cot was too cold and uncomfortable and set out with a large meal sac to find some hay. Toretta Field Was located on Baron Pavoncelli's land, so Tom went to a barn started stuffing some of the Baron's feed hay in the sac. One of the farm hands came in and caught him. The farm hand was holding a pitch fork, which made dad nervous, so dad unholstered his service 45. There was a tense standoff as Tom tried to explain through gestures what he was trying to do. Finally the farmer understood and used his pitch fork to help Tom fill the sack. He took the hay back to his tent, very satisified with himself. But that night his body temperature awakened all manner of biting bugs living in the hay, which proceeded to give Tom a good going over. The next morning the sac and the hay were tossed out into the snow.
      - Jon Moran (I remember dad telling me this story when I was a child)

Caption on photo reads, "First home in Italy." This was the crew's first tent. Crews moved into better accomodations as other crews either rotated back to the states or were lost in action.- Via Jon Moran

This pamphlet was issued to all of the airmen at Toretta. Click on cover to see images from that publication, dated December, 1944.
First issue of the Liberaider and a copy of Sortie. Click for images from these editions
Visit the 461st BG Web site for more information on Toretta Field.
Postcards Tom sent home from Italy. The name Cerignola was cut out for security reasons.

B-24 J 5-FO #42-51441
     Crew at Pueblo 10/20/44 
BACK ROW: Lt.Sislow, Lt. Traetta, Lt. Lee, Lt.Feidler
FRONT ROW: Sgt. Plymale, Cpl. Springer, Cpl. Moran,
Cpl. Vincent, Cpl. Laynor, Cpl. Bell
-Via Jon Moran

B-24L 5FO 44-49375
        Crew in Italy, 12/44  
BACK ROW: Lt.Feidler, Lt.Sislow, Lt. Traetta, Cpl. Laynor, Cpl. Vincent MIDDLE ROW: Cpl. Bell, Cpl. Springer, Cpl. Moran, Sgt. Plymale FRONT: Lt. Lee
-Via Jon Moran
  #34 over Italy, 1945
-Via Jon Moran

B-24 J 5-FO #42-51441
     Crew at Pueblo 10/20/44
BACK ROW: Lt. Lee, Lt. Traetta, Lt.Feidler, Lt.Sislow
MIDDLE ROW: Cpl. Springer, Cpl. Vincent, Cpl. Laynor,
FRONT ROW: Sgt. Plymale, Cpl. Moran, Cpl. Bell
-Via Charles Laynor

#36 on hardstand, Toretta Field, Italy, 1945
Charlie Laynor said this was the plane they flew most often. (Colorized)
-Via Jon Moran

Assembly in front of the 765th motor pool, probably Spring, 1945. Tom Moran can be partially seen, front row, just to left of the speaker's head. Ross Vincent is a bit to the right of the speaker's head in the front row. James Springer is left of the 461st BG flag.
-Via Jon Moran

Zenas Plymore, Charles Laynor, Tom Moran
Cerignola, Italy, winter, 1944-45
-Via Jon Moran

James "Red" Springer, Tom Moran
In front of their tent, Toretta Field, Italy, 1945
-Via Jon Moran

Sgt.s Vincent Ross, Zenas Plymore, James Springer, Tom Moran. Cerignola, Italy, 4/21/45
-Via Jon Moran

Radioman James Springer at his post behind the
-Via Elaine Francisco

Tom Moran & James Springer headed to showers,
Toretta Field, Italy, 1945
-Via Jon Moran

Sgt. Moran, happy to be stateside after the war.
Casino Royale, Washington, D.C., 1945
Via Jon Moran

Not from the 461st, but taking part in the same mission (#15), this Liberator took a flak hit to the left wing. Dad saw this happen from his turret. Only one crew member survived.
Via Jon Moran

Charlie at Barletta
-Via Charles Laynor

Puppy in Army helmet
-Via Charles Laynor

27k 21k
Mural in enlisted men's mess hall.                                Pencil sketch by unknown
-Via Charles Laynor                                                   461st artist.
                                                                                  -Via Charles Laynor

James Springer in Korea
-Via Elaine Francisco

Tom on Capri

Tom & Barbara with daughter Judy, together again after war. Dad is back in "civies."-
-Via Barbara Moran