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   Col. P.R. Hawes           Lt. Col. B.A. Lawhon
 Group Commander      Dept. Group Commander

Presidential Unit Citation

765th BS sign at Toretta Field

765th officers mess

765th mess hall

The barber

Tower & emergency vehicles

Digging a latrine

The showers

Local intertainment?
The Ground Crew

Moving a 500 pond bomb

Ground crewman Cleaning a Sperry ball turret

500 pound bombs

Topping off a 50 cal. ammo box

Tail turret repairs

The motor pool
The Aircraft

Liberators lined up on runway prior to takeoff.

#41 from the 766th

#60 from the767th

#68 from the 767th

On the July 25 1944 mission to Linz, The crew of the All American set the record for the most enemy planes shot down on a single mission - 14.

B-24 over Budapest

Over Munich

Formation over Athens

A 461st B-24 on hardstand at Toretta.

Formation over Toulon

Bombs away

Stinky with 764th

Lucky 7 with 764th

Dwatted Wabbit with the 765th

Bubble Trouble with the 764th

Our Hobby with 765th

Purple Shaft with the 767th