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The Collings Foundation B-24J

    The Collings Foundation maintains a flying B-24 J Liberator which tours the country every year. You can actually purchase a ride on this fine peice of history, or, for a nominal fee, tour the aircraft on the ground. You can find their Web site on the Links page.
    The plane was was orginally delivered to the AAF and was later transfered to the RAF. At war's end it was abandoned in Khanpur, India. In 1949 it became one of 39 planes restored by the Indian Air Force where it served for 20 years, retiring in 1968. It was bought by Doug Arnold of Blackbuche, England. He advertised it for sale "as is" in 1984 and it was purchased by Robert F. Collings of the Collings Foundation.
    General Dynamics (Consolidated Vultee) was a major contributor to the project. In 1989, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the the first flight of the Consolidated B-24 Liberator, General Dynamics published a book entitled Liberator, Consolidated Vultee which features the Collings Foundation B-24 and traces the development of the Liberator. The book features many contemporary photos as well as shots of the restored Liberator's interior. I have listed this book on my Links/Sources page. It is out of print, but the occasional copy can be found through various used book sites on the Internet. It is a real treasure if you can find one.

   I took the following photos during the plane's stopover at the Shanendoah Valley Regional Airport on October 21st, 2001.

Liberator, Consolidated Vultee
Book Cover

Emerson Electric A-15 nose turret

Looking towards the front wheel well

Sighting down one of the waist 50s

Left waist gun position

Front wheel well - point of entry for the navigator, bombardier, and nose gunner

A-6A tail turret

Sperry ball turret and hoist

The fuse end of a 500 pounder