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B-24 Specs

    TheB-24J 5FO flown by the crew in Pueblo colorado was manufactured at the Ford Willow Run plant in Michigan and had an Emerson Electric A-15 Nose Turret. The cutaway above shows a Consolidated A-6A hydraulically-driven tail turret installed in the nose in place of the Emerson turret, typical of Liberators manufactured at the San Diego Consolidated plant.    

                             Specifications of B-24J Liberator:

Four Pratt & Whitney R-1830-65 Twin Wasp fourteen-cylinder air-cooled radial engines with General Electric B-22 turbosuperchargers rated at 1200 hp at 2700 rpm for takeoff and maintaining this power as a military rating up to 31,800 feet.

Maximum speed 300 mph at 30,000 feet, 277 mph at 20,000 feet. Maximum continuous speed 278 mph at 25,000 feet. Usual combat operating speed was 180-215 mph at between 10,000 and 25,000 feet. Initial climb rate 1025 feet per minute. At a takeoff weight of 56,000 pounds, an altitude of 20,000 feet could be reached in 25 minutes. Service ceiling 28,000 feet at 56,000 pound takeoff weight. Range and endurance with a 5000-pound bombload was 1700 miles in 7.3 hours at 25,000 feet (all-up weight of 61,500 pounds) with 2364 US gallons of fuel. Landing speed 95 mph (light), 125 mph (loaded).

38,000 pounds empty, 56,000 pounds combat, 71,200 pounds maximum overload. 2364 US gallons of fuel in main tanks, plus 450 gallons in auxiliary wing tanks and 800 gallons in extra tanks fitted in bomb bay if required.

Wingspan 110 feet 0 inches, length 64 feet 2 inches, height 18 feet 0 inches, wing area 1048 square feet. Accommodation: Crew was normally ten (pilot, copilot, bombardier, nose gunner, navigator, radio operator, ball turret gunner, two waist gunners, and tail gunner).

Ten 0.50-inch Browning machine guns in nose, upper ventral, and tail turrets and in waist positions. Maximum internal bomb load was 8000 pounds. Two 4000 pound bombs could be carried on external racks, one underneath each inner wing. Maximum short range bomb load was 12,800 pounds (by using underwing racks), but normal offensive load was 5000 pounds.

Serials of the B-24J Liberator:
42-50452/50508 Consolidated B-24J-40-CF Liberator
42-50509/50759 Ford B-24J-1-FO Liberator
42-50760/51076 Ford B-24J-5-FO Liberator
42-51226/51292 Douglas/Tulsa B-24J-1-DT Liberator
42-51293/51395 Douglas/Tulsa B-24J-5-DT Liberator
42-51396/51430 Douglas/Tulsa B-24J-10-DT Liberator
42-51431/51610 Ford B-24J-5-FO Liberator
42-51611/51825 Ford B-24J-10-FO Liberator
42-51826/52075 Ford B-24J-15-FO Liberator
42-52076 Ford B-24J-20-FO Liberator
42-64047/64141 Consolidated B-24J-1-CF Liberator
42-64142/64236 Consolidated B-24J-5-CF Liberator
42-64237/64328 Consolidated B-24J-10-CF Liberator
42-64329 Consolidated B-24J-CF Liberator
42-64330/64346 Consolidated B-24J-15-CF Liberator
42-64347/64394 Consolidated B-24J-20-CF Liberator
42-72964/73014 Consolidated B-24J-1-CO Liberator
42-73015/73064 Consolidated B-24J-5-CO Liberator
42-73065/73114 Consolidated B-24J-10-CO Liberator
42-73115/73164 Consolidated B-24J-15-CO Liberator
42-73165/73214 Consolidated B-24J-20-CO Liberator
42-73215/73264 Consolidated B-24J-25-CO Liberator
42-73265/73314 Consolidated B-24J-30-CO Liberator
42-73315/73364 Consolidated B-24J-35-CO Liberator
42-73365/73414 Consolidated B-24J-40-CO Liberator
42-73415/73464 Consolidated B-24J-45-CO Liberator
42-73465/73514 Consolidated B-24J-50-CO Liberator
42-78475 North American/Dallas B-24J-2-NT Liberator
42-78476/78794 North American/Dallas B-24J-1-NT
42-95504/95628 Ford B-24J-1-FO Liberator
42-99736/99805 Consolidated B-24J-15-CF Liberator
42-99806/99871 Consolidated B-24J-20-CF Liberator
42-99872/99935 Consolidated B-24J-25-CF Liberator
42-99936/99985 Consolidated B-24J-55-CO Liberator
42-99986/100035 Consolidated B-24J-60-CO Liberator
42-100036/100085 Consolidated B-24J-65-CO Liberator
42-100086/100135 Consolidated B-24J-70-CO Liberator
42-100136/100185 Consolidated B-24J-75-CO Liberator
42-100186/100235 Consolidated B-24J-80-CO Liberator
42-100236/100285 Consolidated B-24J-85-CO Liberator
42-100286/100335 Consolidated B-24J-90-CO Liberator
42-100336/100385 Consolidated B-24J-95-CO Liberator
42-100386/100435 Consolidated B-24J-100-CO Liberator
42-109789/109838 Consolidated B-24J-105-CO Liberator
42-109839/109888 Consolidated B-24J-110-CO Liberator
42-109889/109938 Consolidated B-24J-115-CO Liberator
42-109939/109988 Consolidated B-24J-120-CO Liberator
42-109989/110038 Consolidated B-24J-125-CO Liberator
42-110039/110088 Consolidated B-24J-130-CO Liberator
42-110089/110138 Consolidated B-24J-135-CO Liberator
42-110139/110188 Consolidated B-24J-140-CO Liberator
44-10253/10302 Consolidated B-24J-30-CF Liberator
44-10303/10352 Consolidated B-24J-35-CF Liberator
44-10353/10374 Consolidated B-24J-40-CF Liberator
44-10375/10402 Consolidated B-24J-45-CF Liberator
44-10403/10452 Consolidated B-24J-50-CF Liberator
44-10453/10502 Consolidated B-24J-55-CF Liberator
44-10503/10552 Consolidated B-24J-60-CF Liberator
44-10553/10602 Consolidated B-24J-65-CF Liberator
44-10603/10652 Consolidated B-24J-70-CF Liberator
44-10653/10702 Consolidated B-24J-75-CF Liberator
44-10703/10752 Consolidated B-24J-80-CF Liberator
44-28061/28276 North American/Dallas B-24J-5-NT
44-40049/40148 Consolidated B-24J-145-CO Liberator
44-40149/40248 Consolidated B-24J-150-CO Liberator
44-40249/40348 Consolidated B-24J-155-CO Liberator
44-40349/40448 Consolidated B-24J-160-CO Liberator
44-40449/40548 Consolidated B-24J-165-CO Liberator
44-40549/40648 Consolidated B-24J-170-CO Liberator
44-40649/40748 Consolidated B-24J-175-CO Liberator
44-40749/40848 Consolidated B-24J-180-CO Liberator
44-40849/40948 Consolidated B-24J-185-CO Liberator
44-40949/41048 Consolidated B-24J-190-CO Liberator
44-41049/41148 Consolidated B-24J-195-CO Liberator
44-41149/41248 Consolidated B-24J-200-CO Liberator
44-41249/41348 Consolidated B-24J-205-CO Liberator
44-41349/41389 Consolidated B-24J-210-CO Liberator
44-44049/44148 Consolidated B-24J-85-CF Liberator
44-44149/44248 Consolidated B-24J-90-CF Liberator
44-44249/44348 Consolidated B-24J-95-CF Liberator
44-44349/44448 Consolidated B-24J-100-CF Liberator
44-44449/44501 Consolidated B-24J-105-CF Liberator
44-48754/49001 Ford B-24J-20-FO Liberator

                                           The B-24L

    The B-24L was an attempt to reduce the increasing weight of the Liberator as more and more armament, equipment, and armor had been added, with no corresponding increase in engine power. The B-24L deleted the Sperry ball turret on most models and replaced it with manually-operated twin 0.50-inch machine guns fitted to a ring mount and fired through a ventral hatch behind the bomb bay.  The also replaced the Consolidated A-6B tail turret with the new M-6A "Stinger" tail turret (manually operated with a wider field of fire) which was lighter, having no hydraulics.
    The crew's tail gunner, Charlie Laynor, remembers operating the Stinger.

                 B-24L Serials:
44-41390/41448 Consolidated B-24L-1-CO Liberator
44-41449/41548 Consolidated B-24L-5-CO Liberator
44-41549/41648 Consolidated B-24L-10-CO Liberator
44-41649/41748 Consolidated B-24L-15-CO Liberator
44-41749/41806 Consolidated B-24L-20-CO Liberator
44-49002/49251 Ford B-24L-1-FO Liberator
44-49252/49501 Ford B-24L-5-FO Liberator
44-49502/49751 Ford B-24L-10-FO Liberator
44-49752/50001 Ford B-24L-15-FO Liberator
44-50002/50251 Ford B-24L-20-FO Liberator