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27 December, 1944

Target: Venzone Viaduct, Italy

On 27 December Captain Roberts led a five flight formation to North Italy where the Venzone Viaduct was bombed visually. The planes carrying 1000 pound bombs, bombed by flights. The main pattern of bombs fell on the west side of the viaduct where direct hits and near misses were scored. The scattered patterns of the various boxes clearly demonstrated that practice bombing was sorely needed.

From: CO 49th Bomb Wing, Command Section.
To: CO, 461st Bomb Gp.
The following message from General Twining is quoted for your information, "My congratulations to the 49th Wing for superior bridge busting job at Venzone on the 27 and 28 of December. Please pass to all Groups participating Well Done".

(Signed) LEE

Mission Photo