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21 March 1945

Target: Graz Marshalling Yard, Austria

For Mission No. 198 on 21 March the marshalling yard at Graz turned out to be the alternate target selected for pathfinder bombing. The primary target had been the Bruck Marshalling Yard, Austria, but Major Poole, the formation leader, abandoned it because of poor visibility. One thousand pound general purpose bombs were used on this mission. Message of Commendation To: All Concerned

"The Commanding General is gratified to be able to pass the following message from General Arnold to General Spaatz relayed through General Cannon: "Noted in your message dated 24 March outlining results achieved during the period 16 to 22 March. Results are source of great satisfaction to all. Such smashing aerial attacks coordinated with relentless ground pressure can only result in complete victory. Please pass for me to all echelons of the 15th Air Force my personal commendation."

Mission Photo