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2 April, 1945

Target: Saint Polten Marshalling Yard, Austria

As part of the over all plan of impeding enemy troop movements in the Vienna area, the Group was directed on 2 April, 1945 to attack the Marshalling Yard at Saint Polten, Austria. Under ideal weather conditions and in the absence of both flak and enemy fighters, the Group formation led by Major Baker achieved excellent results. Photographs show that a heavy concentration of bombs fell across the center of the Saint Polten Marshalling Yard, scoring innumerable hits on tracks and rolling stock: another concentration fell on the west choke point, with at least seven direct hits cutting the line to Linz. Air force plotted 79.3% of bombs dropped within 1000 feet of the briefed aiming point.

Message of Commendation:
Subject: Commendation (teletype)
From: 15th Air Force A311 To: Commanding Officer, 461st Bombardment Group (H)
The following message (15th AF A311) is forwarded with my congratulations.
"Bomb strike photographs of your attack on Saint Polten Marshalling Yard on April 2 show excellent bombing patterns by squadrons of the Groups and post-raid reconnaissance reveals terrific destruction created. Please convey to the Groups my commendation for a job well done."
Col. Todd