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10 April 1945

Troop Concentrations Northeast of Lugo, Italy

Operation Buckland, in support of the Eighth Army, was continued on 10 April. The Group sent a double force, led by Colonel Rogers and Major Rider, against troop concentrations and gun emplacements in the vicinity of Lugo, Italy. The whole operation was executed as planned. A total of eighty tons of fragmentation bombs was dropped on target with excellent results. Photographs show that the assigned target area was well saturated and that the heavier concentrations fell directly on the aiming points. Enemy anti-aircraft fire was described as slight and inaccurate. Three FW-190s were see scavenging in the target area.

Fifteenth Air Force Office of the Commanding General
A.F.C. 520 201.22
12 April 1945
Subject: Commendation
To: Commanding Officer, 461st Bombardment Group (H).
1. The following cables have been sent from the Commanding General, Eighth Army and the Commanding General, Fifteenth Army Group, respectively, To the Commander-in-Chief, MAAP, who has passed same to this headquarters with his congratulations and appreciation. "Much appreciated is the wholehearted support of the Fifteenth Air Force on 9 and 10 April. The carpet bombing in front of our assaulting divisions, I am convinced, has been one of the decisive factors in our rapid advance to the Santorno River. The degree of success attained shows how enthusiastically all personnel tackled those close support missions. I fully realize the special and intensive training that this task demanded of all bombing crews." "I want you to know how fully I appreciate the splendid and effective air support which the air forces have already given us in the current attack. The excellent cooperation we have received from all air force personnel starting with the early planning phase has been a source of special gratification. I am confident of your all-out support in the future. Our Air-ground team is not a great success."

2. I am particularly gratified to pass these well-earned commendations to all units of the command and to add my own praise for an outstanding demonstration of successful coordinated effort between air and ground forces.
/a/ N. F. Twining
Major General, USA

A Liberator from the 464th BG, 779 BS, taking part in the same mission. This is a contemporary news photo from Tom's scrap book. In the upper left hand corner he has written, "Saw this happen on 18th mission." It was actually the 15th.