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15 April 1945

Nervessa Railroad Bridge Diversion, Italy

Blue Force, which was led by Major Baker, bombed the Nervessa Railroad Bridge in Northern Italy. Unfavorable weather at the target prevented one box of six planes from bombing. The other twelve planes, however, did bomb with satisfactory results for a score of 36.1 per cent. The pattern was none too good; the major concentration of bombs fell 800 feet short of the aiming point. Two planes were damaged at the target, though the flak was described as slight, inaccurate, and heavy.


"I send my most hearty congratulations to your entire command for your record effort of 15 April in support of our ground forces. To your ground personnel particularly great credit is due for the near miracle of maintenance which allowed 1233 heavy bombers and 629 fighters to be dispatched on that day. Operational and Intelligence staffs were conceived, planned and directed the execution have every reason to be proud. And to the combat leaders and crews for a splendid day's work I extend my appreciation and commendation."
/a/ General Cannon

"I want you to know how deeply I appreciate the thoroughly effective support which the Air Forces under your command have already given to the 15Th Army Group in the current attack. Your excellent cooperation began with the planning phases of our operation and has continued in a manner which is most gratifying to all personnel in the 5th and 8th Armies which you are supporting."
/a/ General Clark

Order of the Day Number 2. "The advances of our ground forces have brought to a close the strategic air war waged by the United States Strategic Air Forces and the Royal Air Forces Bomber Command. It has been won with a decisiveness becoming increasingly evident as our armies overrun Germany. From now onward our strategic air forces must operate with our tactical air forces in close cooperation with our armies. All units of the United States Strategic Air Forces are commended for their part in winning the strategic air war and are enjoined to continue with undiminished effort and precision the final tactical phase of air action to secure the ultimate objective -- complete defeat of Germany."
/a/ General Spatz