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24 April 1945

Rovereto Marshalling Yard and Gun Emplacements, Italy

Major Baker was in command of a force of thirty seven planes which bombed the Rovereto Marshalling Yard in Northern Italy on 24 April 1945. The bomb load consisted of 500 pound RDX's; three aircraft, however, carried fragmentation bombs for the purpose of bombing gun emplacements at Rovereto. Results were good. The marshalling yard was effectively hit, but it was not possible to determine whether any of the gun emplacements were hit. One aircraft was damaged by the slight flak at the target. Commendation "I congratulate you and your personnel on the fine results obtained in the attack against the Rovereto Marshalling Yard on 24 April 1945. The determination and devotion to duty displayed on this attack are to be commended."
Brig. General Lee