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    After V.E. Day, the crew flew their Liberator back to the States, arriving in Savannah June 8, 1945. They were to be retrained with the B-29 for rotation to the Pacific Theater, but Japan surrendered. Dad had shipped a trunk full of his belongings back separately, but the trunk never arrived. Fortunately dad had taken with him on the plane his scrapbook, medals, and these few things. The Nazi items were probably acquired through trade.

All of the images, with the exception of the piece of flak & the 50 cal. cartridge, can be enlarged by clicking on the image..

Dad took a spent 50 cal. casing and fitted it with the bullet from a live round to keep as a souvenir.
Airmen were issued this ID. Inside was a card with this caption repeated in several different languages.

Nazi patch.

Dad picked up this piece of flak from the floor of his turret after a mission.

Nazi stick pin.
Issue #1, April 1945 of the Liberaider, the newspaper of the 461st Bomb Group. The Liberaider is still published trough the 461st Bomb Group Web Sit, listed under LINKS.
          May 8, 1945 copy of Sortie.
Coins from Italy and Nazi Germany