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    In 1941 the Army Air Force began training black Americans as military pilots in Alabama at Tuskegee's Moton Field and Tuskegee Army Air Field. They flew escort and combat missions throughout the Mediterranean Theater of Operations, and were collectively known as the Tuskegee Airmen. The 332nd Fighter Group comprised the largest fighter unit in the 15th Air Force.

    Total Missions flown for the 15th Air Force - 311

   "It was a good feeling to see those redtails join our formation."
                                                                        - Zenas Plymale, Engineer

You can find more detailed information at this Tuskeegee Airmen site.

Left to right- Lt. Dempsey W. Morgan, Jr.- Lt. Carroll S. Woods- Lt. Robert H. Nelson, Jr.- Capt. Andrew D. Turner- and Lt. Clarence P. Lester

An armorer of the 15th AAF checks ammunition belts of
the .50 caliber machine guns in the wings of a P-51 redtail.

Loading wings tanks n a P-51

Capt. Andrew D. Turner