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The individual flight record shown here belonged to Shadrich Ford "Bob" White. He was a copilot with the 724th Bomb Squad, 451st Bomb Group located at the Castelluccio Airfield, Italy. His tour was from Devember 1943 to July 1944. Many thanks to his daughter, Anne, who kindly provided the flight records, photos of her father, and pertinent information used here.
2nd Lt Shadrich Ford "Bob" White
Shadrich Ford White's graduation picture from the Spartan School of Aeronautics on Oct 9, 1942.

Individual flight records documented the missions flown by the pilots and copilots, and logged the sorties and flight hours accumulated. The record shown below was for 2nd Lt Shadrich Ford "Bob" White and his H model B-24 Liberator. The 451st often participated in missions with other bomb groups, and two of the missions indicated on the flight record shown (red arrows) were flown in conjunction with the 461st so I was able to get mission descriptions and photos from the 461st Bomb Group Web site.

In a letter written home on April 26th (between the two missions shown here) Bob notes, "It's warming up over here - only about 20 - 25 degrees below (zero) at altitude."
Individual Flight Record for April, 1944
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Mission - April 23, 1944
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Aerial photograph showing bomb damage to April 23 target.

23 April 1944

Target: Bad Voslau Airdrome, Austria

When the crew members learned at briefing that they were to attack their first target in Vienna Area, they fully realized that they were now in the big time. Before our Group hit its target the 304th Wing had performed an outstanding job in practically demolishing the buildings at the Airdrome. Uncovering the three flights of each Section in approaching the target, the Group, led for the first time by Captain Dooley, completely sprayed the landing field with fragmentation bombs. The bombing pattern was one of perfection. The returning crews doubted if it would ever be necessary to return again to that target. Several encounters were had with twenty-three enemy fighters, two of which were claimed as probably destroyed. Fourteen planes over the target were hard hit by flak.

There were two casualties as a result of this mission: Bombardier, F/O R.B. Stewart, and a ball turret gunner, Sgt. P.N. Godino, both on 2nd Lt. G. Fulks’ crew. Each was hit in the foot by flak.



From: Operations Office, 49th Bomb Wing

To: Commanding Officers, 451st, 461st and 484th Bomb Groups -

The bombing of Bad Voslau, 23 April, by the 49th Wing was excellent. Please pass to all participating my commendation for a job well done. Col. Lee desires to express appreciation for a job well done.

Mission - April 29, 1944
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Aerial photograph showing bomb damage to April 29 target.

29 April 1944

Target: Submarine Pens, Toulon Harbor, France

This mission took the Group on its first trip to France and to a target in the sixth country of Europe which the group bombed during the month of April. This was the first mission on which the 451st, 461st and the 484th flew as the groups of the 49th Bombardment Wing. The mission provided another new experience for the Group in that the target had been previously obscured by a perfect smoke screen from smudge pots located both on land and on ships in the harbor. For the first time the Group used 1,000 pound bombs. Results were unobserved, but no bombs were believed to have hit the target. The Group Bombardier, Captain Leffler, who was the lead bombardier and who had already turned in five successful missions during the month, both laughed at and cursed the clever Krauts.

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At left is an example of a blank individual flight record. If you would like a printable copy, click on the image.

Thanks again to Anne for sharing this information and giving us the opportunity to meet another airman who contributed to the effort to bring the war to a close.

The 451st Bomb Group was one of the most highly decorated groups in the 15th Army Air Force.

1 Distinguished Service Cross
9 Legions of Merits
25 Silver Stars
320 Distinguished Flying Crosses
1 British Flying Medal
280 Purple Hearts
6,300+ Air Medals
52 Soldier Medals
100+ Bronze Stars