My goal is to produce a small number of quality manuals. These will be faithful digital reproductions and will be rendered in color where the originals were color. As you can imagine, the process is very time consuming and additions to this list will be few and far between. Digital graphics is my area of specialty, and I have taken great care to preserve the quality of the originals, with particular attention to the images. My choices are driven entirely by my own bias. These are all favorites of mine - the ones I most enjoy sharing with others.

I have completed the first CD containing four volumes, all related to aircraft gunnery.
Click on a cover below to see a table of contents (where applicable) and sample images from the CD.
The books contained here are devoted to aircraft gunnery, specifically the .50 and .30 caliber Browning machine guns and their firing platforms. As the .30 caliber ANM2 was used primarily in training, it is in the gunnery schools that it is to be found in the greatest numbers. The .50 caliber M2 is covered in great detail in both the GM manual and the Aircrewmans Gunnery Manual. Complete disassembly and assembly, and well as function and use are thoroughly discussed. Below is a brief description of each book.

The Aircrewmans Gunnery Manual is the centerpiece of this collection. It was published in 1944 for use in the many gunnery schools set up to train airmen for both the Army Air Force and the Navy. The manual is approximately 300 pages in length and contains extensive information on the Browning .50 caliber, sights (iron, reflector, and computing) and the fine art of targeting enemy fighter planes. There is also comprehensive coverage of the powered turrets in use on Army Air Force and Navy aircraft. The Aircrewmans Gunnery Manual features the finest images I have ever seen in a WW2 manual, many of them in color. 300 pages.

Caliber .50, M2, Browning Machine Gun Aircraft Basic was published during WW2 by General Motors for their Saginaw manufactured M2 aircraft guns. It is a large format, comb bound training manual with excellent photos and illustrations. The last page is a 3 panel fold-out showing an M2 in expanded parts view. This fold-out is also included on the CD in a high resolution jpeg file sized to print on legal size paper. 78 pages.

The Harlingen Army Gunnery School at the Harlingen Army Air Field, and Central School for Flexible Gunnery at the Laredo Army Air Field, both published picture books. These books show life in the school, with a focus on both classroom, range, and trainer aircraft gunnery instruction. As the .30 caliber ANM2 was used extensively as a training weapon, the gunnery school picture books contain some of the best images of the aircraft .30 to be found. 32 & 53 pages.

The CD books are in Adobe Acrobat format, the industry standard. Acrobat Reader is included on the CD if you do not already have it, or you can click on the link at right and it will take you to the Adobe Reader Web site if you prefer to download the latest version.

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